FlowaOne Grow Light + Power Box + Filter

Great useful functions developed for maximum photosynthesis and visible growth

Full-spectrum LED
The quiet fan you don’t hear
Integrated activated carbon filter
Temperature control
Night mode
Air exchange


The new FlowaOne Grow light – the most innovative solution for growing plants in grow boxes.

represents the perfect plant cultivation system in the form of an all-in-one solution thanks to its unique combination of lighting and ventilation including an activated carbon filter.

By accommodating many useful functions in one housing, synergies can be exploited that make the system particularly efficient, quiet, lightweight, and easy to use.

With a light output of 320 watts, the high-power plant lamp is perfectly suited to even for a cultivation area up to 1.2 x 1.2 m (1.44 m²). Intuitive control of useful functions of the FlowaOne is simply done at the PowerBox (the grow light power supply).

The integrated activated carbon filter of the grow light

It can be easily changed within one minute without tools.

Even the pure activated carbon can be replaced separately by opening the filter – resource-saving and environmentally friendly.

With a CTC number (a characteristic number for air filter performance) of greater than 80, the most powerful activated carbon for air filtration on the market is installed. Each lamp is supplied with a filter as standard.

The housing of the activated carbon filter is made of already recycled bioplastic. By self-filling the activated carbon filter, consumption can be reduced to the pure activated carbon and, if necessary, the fleece, which is good for the environment and the wallet.

The whisper-quiet silent fan

From the German company, EBM Papst ensures the supply of fresh air, as well as the removal and filtering of the used air. The temperature-controlled fan is influenced by the heat of the heat sink (temperature sensor) and thus by the set light output and the ambient conditions. Thus, the required airflow is automatically regulated.

A lot of light means a lot of photosynthesis and also an increase of the heat sink temperature and therefore an increased airflow.

The high-performance cooling results from the interaction of the housing design and the airflow through the externally mounted heat sink.

The high-performance cooling increases the efficiency and lifetime of the COB LEDs. The fan can be permanently switched to maximum speed with a switch.

The FlowaOne’s maximum airflow is 100 m³/h with just 10 watts of rated power. At night, the fan continues to run continuously, but reduces the airflow to 35 m³/h and is inaudible! A 100 mm exhaust hose can be easily connected with the included hose clamp. Since the heat is extracted directly, the FlowaOne can be used even in high summer without any problems.

The highly efficient full spectrum LED grow light

For maximum photosynthesis is generated by the latest Horticulture COB(Chip-On-Board) LED technology. The light output can be dimmed continuously from 2% to 100%. 320 watts of light output emit 828 µmol/s in the wavelength range of 380 – 780 nm.

The peaks at 450 nm and 640 nm in the light spectrum stimulate photosynthesis to the maximum. The light spectrum of FlowaOne is ideal for seedlings, the vegetation phase as well as flowering – only the intensity has to be adjusted accordingly.

The incredible efficiency of the COB LEDs is 2.59 µmol/J at maximum power and continues to increase as the light output is reduced – at 80 watts of light output, the COB LEDs achieve a market-leading efficiency of 2.93 µmol/J with an ideal spectrum. Compared to often used LED chips, COB LEDs guarantee a temporally permanent and constant spectrum, which is also maintained during operation at different temperatures. Due to the square design, square base areas are optimally illuminated. The glass lenses reduce the scattering losses of the light.

The PowerBox – the grow light power supply.
The intuitive control

Grow Light comes with a strong PowerBox. The Grow light power supply consists of two Meanwell quality power supplies, a timer, an extra socket connected in parallel to the light, and the dimmer. The connection to the lamp is made by means of a 4m cable and a waterproof plug connection.

The PowerBox can be placed anywhere thanks to the included 1.8m power cable.

The integrated timer

is responsible for the light period. This can control the light via a manual or automatic mode. At the same time, the timer switches an integrated socket, which allows simultaneous use of the light.

FlowaPowa Vision

FlowaPowa’s vision is to combine sustainability, quality, and transparency, above all innovation in the gardener segment. FlowaPowa GmbH not only develops lamps but also manufactures them. In the near future will come more exciting products that are currently in the development phase. The company attaches great importance to an environmentally friendly value chain and quality, which it also stands behind. Developed and manufactured in Germany to meet the demand for the highest quality and environmental friendliness.


  • Most innovative and quietest Plug & Grow Light solution in the world
  • A practical combination of 3 systems in one (light, ventilation, and filtration).
  • Elimination of additional costs for lighting, ventilation, and filtration, as well as their control
  • Stepless dimming of the light 6 – 320 watts
  • Up to 1.2 x 1.2 m (1.44 m² cultivation area) best suited (ideal for square areas)
  • Highest efficiency with minimal power consumption through:
    • Industry-leading efficiency of COB LEDs (light output and spectrum)
    • Meanwell quality power supplies
    • ebmPapst fan (EC)
    • Temperature control of the fan by integrated processor and temperature sensor
    • High-performance cooling of the COB LEDs (also ensures longer service life)
  • Easy handling due to the PowerBox
  • Expected life 10 years
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • All housing parts are manufactured by FlowaPowa itself from PLA, a renewable bioplastic, using additive manufacturing (FDM 3D printing)
  • Repairable and upgradeable, service for everyone directly from the manufacturer
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