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Bloom A+B 1L

Monkey BLOOM will give your plants all the essential nutrients they need during the flowering period. We use a unique combination of mineral elements and bio-stimulants in this two part formula. The hybridisation of mineral and organic worlds further increases nutrient assimilation, dramatically improving results. The ratios of all 17 essential macro and micro nutrients inside have been tailored to provide the optimum levels of feed for the development of fruit and flowers. Designed for UK waters, Monkey nutrients base feeds have the perfect balance of concentration and stability. We believe in consistency so the only difference between Grow and Bloom are their tailored nutrient ratios.



  • Monkey Bloom is a base feed that is optimally tweaked for the flowering phase of a plants life cycle.
  • The ratios of macro and micro nutrients inside have been tailored to drop Nitrogen (N) levels and increase in Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to aid in flower development.
  • Our base feeds are separated into a Part A and B to increase stability and shelf life. This stops elements from “crashing out” of solution or unwanted reactions between them.
  • Part B contains a unique blend of beneficial bacterias and bio-stimulants that work to increase availability of mineral derived elements.



  • During the flowering period our aim is to create rich heavy fruits. Elevated levels of Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) will improve the overall quality of fruits, by increasing yield, flavour and oil production.
  • Designed specially for UK water, Bloom is highly concentrated, ideal for soft water areas as-well as hard.
  • Only the finest quality mineral elements are sourced for our base feed. When chemically ionised they become more bio-available to the plant.
  • Added bio-stimulants work in synergy with the mineral elements rapidly increasing nutrient absorption.



  • Potassium and Phosphorus are the key nutrients involved in floral development. Although they are important throughout a plant’s life cycle the demand for these elements increases dramatically during bloom. Phosphorus aids in energy transfer. Harnessing the lights energy for metabolic processes. Potassium helps regulate this and other vital functions. Their roles are interlinked, therefore optimum levels of N P K here will help the plant reach its maximum growth potential.
  • Beneficial bacterias and bio-stimulants have evolved to work symbiotically with plants for millions of years. They work to increase the bioavailability of mineral elements. This allows more nutrients to be unlocked from your growing medium, creating a huge increase in assimilation and preventing salt build up and lockout. The use of mineral and bio elements gives the range hybrid performance, combining the best of mineral and organic worlds.