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2: Grow-Bloom (DrFertigo – 1KG)


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Grow-Bloom From growing to flowering

Grow-Bloom with a high nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) content has been developed to give the crop the right nutrients for the growth and (early) flowering phase. In addition, high-grade calcium and magnesium have been added. This ensures the start of beautiful, green flower crops. With this Grow-Bloom vegetative NPK of 12-15-16, the P and K value has been brought into balance.

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Why Bio-mineral Nutrition?

  • Efficient and economical for large grows
  • High quality ingredients
  • Complete and balanced nutrition range with only 3 steps
  • Only one specific product for each growth stage
  • High yield and qualitatively perfect product
  • Powder nutrition does not spoil
  • Perfect NPK-ratios
  • Easy to use
  • Allows maximum discretion due to compact packaging

Bio-mineral powder feed: perfectly balanced nutrition

After years of research and development, we are finally able to combine multiple fertilizers in a perfectly balanced way in only three feeding products: our bio-mineral powder feeds. A specific product for every growth phase, because your plants need a differently balanced composition of nutrients in each phase. Experience the power of our bio-mineral feed and send a mail for 15% discount on the starterskit ( Powderfeed, soil improver – soil upgrade and plant enhancer)

Why DrFertigo?

  • High quality ingredients from professional agriculture
  • Scientifically researched, and extensively tested
  • Easy to use, compact packaging
  • Ready-to-use products: all-in-one composition
  • Broad spectrum, high-quality bio-mineral component nutrition
  • Economical to use
  • One suitable product for each growth phase
  • For both home and professional grower